In Person Sessions


I offer 60 & 90 minute sessions at the space. Relaxing and energizing at the same time, these sessions allow us to assess and focus on those things in your energy that are keeping you from aligning with your highest and best. I combine AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Balancing with my Crystal Healing knowledge to create a session that is unique to each individual client. 


In-person energy sessions offer you the opportunity to give yourself an hour of “you time”. We have a short discussion to see what you are working on, to set goals for the session, and then customize the session to your unique needs. Every energy session is geared toward giving you the most possible transformation.


In person sessions are done on a bodywork table, fully clothed, it is a good idea to dress in layers to be as comfortable as possible. If you’d like more information, or are new to energy work, please feel free to schedule a free 15 minute webchat consultation!


The benefits of energy balancing are many! You many find yourself:

  • Less Reactive
  • More Relaxed
  • Shifting and moving through difficult situations with more ease
  • Increased intuition

Prices vary based on session length and type, all prices are listed on the booking services page. However, since you made your way into this drop down, get a 20% discount on any session. Use COUPON CODE: 2020 when booking!

Remote Sessions


From Energy Balancing to Oracle Readings and Property Clearing, most of what I do can be done via remote (distance) or webchat. You receive the same benefits, and consultations, but all are held via phone, email, or ZOOM webchat. Access your transformation from the comfort of your own home! 


Single energy balancing sessions and the 7 day remote series are done remotely with a follow up chat or email as outlined in the booking page. It is especially good if you are available at the time of the appointment to sit back and directly access the energy! Remote property clearing is done prior to the webchat. Oracle readings are just as effective via webchat, and since we are still meeting, you have the opportunity to ask for clarity on the reading that wouldn’t be available to you via email.


The AumaKhua-Ki® Method of Remote Healing is by far the most powerful I have encountered! It is a way for me to be able to work with people all over the world, I have clients as far away as the Netherlands! The single session is a great way to give it a try, and the 7 day series can have a specific focus for transformation, and is great if you are struggling with or working on something. If you are unsure if a remote session can work for you, schedule a free 15 minute consultation, and we’ll give it a try!

Remote/Distance/Webchat sessions include:

  • Oracle Readings
  • Energy Balancing Sessions
  • Soul Realignment® Akashic Blueprint Session
  • Remote Property Clearing

One of the main benefits of Remote and Webchat work is that you can do everything from the comfort of your own home!


Prices vary based on session length, type, etc. However, since you have opened this drop down, here is a little bonus for you! Receive a 20% discount on any session: Use coupon code: 2020

Akashic Records

The Akashic Record contains the story of your Soul. Some of the juiciest work I do is reading that record, identifying patterns and imprints that are affecting you in the now, and helping guide you through the clearing and re-patterning that will help you align with your own Soul Expression. 



I have studied the Soul Realignment® method of Akashic Record reading…I knew right away that it was an exciting modality to add to my tool box. I’ve been doing it long enough now to recognize and see the shifts that my clients have made, and, when combined with energy balancing sessions, this work can truly create some very powerful transformation in your life.


A Soul Realignment® Session includes:

  • Initial Soul Blueprint Reading (done remotely prior to meeting)
  • 90-120 Minute ZOOM Webchat or Live Meeting at the space in Crystal Lake
  • Mini Manifesting Blueprint
  • 21 Day Clearing Homework
  • 15 Minute ZOOM webchat follow-up
  • Access to “Follow up reading pricing”

This type of reading can explain and clear many things for you, including:

  • Why you see repeating patterns in your life
  • Connections to others that are draining your energy
  • Past Life Issues and Blocks that are keeping you from living in alignment with your Divinity

It can also identify:

  • The “Operating System” of your Soul, meaning, why you do things the way you do
  • Identify strengths and therefore weaknesses
  • Give you permission to live as who you are
  • Your connection to Vital Force Energy and what that means for you…

The starting Soul Realignment® Reading is $225. 

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