Before I started this journey into becoming an energy healer, I was a miserable Empath, a “sponge for negative energy”, and far too over-reactive to energy. There were so many situations that I avoided because of my sensitivity to energy: Grocery Stores on Saturday Morning Large Crowds Funerals (Ok, to be fair, I still don’t go to funerals) And so much more. What I didn’t realize, and many still don’t realize, an Empath reacts not only to “negative energy”, but to ALL energy! Looking back, I now understand why I couldn’t control my outbursts when I was in a large training room full of excited people, how I knew people weren’t being completely truthful with me, and why I was always affected by the energy of others. What I’ve come to understand is that being an Empath is a gift, not a curse, and that we are all Empathic by nature. Yes. Every single one of us. Without Empathy, there is no humanity. Some people are just further away from the gift than others. If you are reactive to energy, positive or negative, it is closer to the surface for you than some other people. Children are particularly empathic, this is why they say “Angry parents raise angry children.”. They react to the energy around them.

What does this have to do with being an “Energy Healer”?

Great question! It wasn’t until I embarked on the path of Energy Worker that I began to understand what it meant to be an Empath. How being an Empath was running my life, instead of it being the other way around. The empowerment that being a “healer” brought to my life is something I cherish, and something I feel is my mission to share. I remember thinking: Can I really be a healer? I’m not special, what makes me think I can do this? How do I protect myself from the energy of others? Here are the answers: Yes, I can be a “healer”. My definition of “healer” has changed significantly since I created my holistic practice. We have all seen the images on TV, of the guy in the wheelchair, someone hits him in the head with the palm of their hand and yells “Walk, you are healed!”. Yeah, that’s not it. That guy probably never needed the wheelchair, and the one that hit him in the head probably has no idea what healing is, and is strictly looking to separate people from their money.

So, what is a “healer”?

Someone who has learned how to play in the energy, and has the intention of empowering people to identify patterns of choice and thought that are keeping them from the best possible health and abundance. Someone that helps us create new patterns of action to help us align our “Human Being” with our “Divine Being”. Someone who understands the place of energy work in a person’s over all well being. That understands the role of support that energy work brings to a wellness plan that includes traditional Western and Eastern medicine. A person that acts from the heart, a place of love, and not a place of fear. Bottom line is that energy work helps our body remember how to heal itself. When I was in the Income Tax preparation business, I always said, “The most dangerous tax preparer is the one that tells you they know everything. NO ONE knows everything.” Same holds true for holistic practitioners. It’s important to understand our limitations, (one of mine is I don’t ride a bicycle, I crash), and know when it’s appropriate to refer a client to someone with a different base of knowledge.

I’m not special!

Yes I am. You are too. EVERYONE can learn energy work. It really doesn’t matter if you are learning only for yourself, or to help others, you CAN learn! I did, so anyone can! What makes the difference is INTENTION! If your intention is to help yourself and others to gain control of their energy, live a more balanced and abundant life, and be happier and healthier, without fear, and always with the Highest good of yourself and others, then yes, you are SPECIAL!

Protection comes in many forms.

When I first started this journey, I was looking for a way out of being a sponge for negative energy. I was advised on which crystals to carry, how to create an energy bubble around myself, and having countless sessions with readers, energy practitioners, and intuitives to figure it out. They all worked! I developed a love for crystals, created a bubble so strong that sometimes I couldn’t hear what people were saying, and took all of the information in the readings and sessions to heart. It wasn’t until I kept getting the message” “Find a like-minded family member.”, that I tried to find information from someone besides the people in the places I frequented. This is where I found my AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Balancing teacher, my niece, Tamara Gold. It was from her that I learned the first three levels of AK, and from her that I learned about balancing my energy. Here is what I learned: When you have great energetic boundaries, keep your own energy in balance, and practice energetic self care daily, you can control being an Empath! It doesn’t have to be painful, frustrating, and scary. When you build your connection to your own Higher wisdom, you begin to understand that the ego is where fear lives, that it is a protection mechanism itself, and that there is so much more to life than what meets the eye. I learned about frequency and vibration. I learned how to set boundaries within my energy that don’t need to be reset every day. I learned that I can feel when someone is trying to “get in” to my energy, and laugh when they get nowhere. There are a ton of energy practitioners that are very closed-minded, fear based, and judgmental. I’m not one of them. The more you understand the energy, the more control you have, and the less you need the fear in the ego to protect you. People throw around terms like “energy vampires” so loosely. I say, “You can’t control the actions of others, only how you react.” Let the protection come from inside yourself, and use those other things as tools, external mechanisms, when you are in a situation that requires “extra armor”.

So, to answer your question:

Yes! You CAN be an energy healer! You’ve been doing it all of your life anyway, rubbing a smacked elbow, kissing a booboo, blessing your food, and praying for positive outcomes.

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