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Property Clearing

I use a really powerful method of “Remote (Distance) Clearing”, it’s like an energy balancing session for your home! With all the activity in our homes these days, it’s no wonder we are having trouble sleeping, are a little short-tempered, and maybe just feeling “aimless” in our homes, the normal “in and out” has been diminished, so the natural clearing that happens when we open and close doors, and go in and out is just not happening right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

You were wondering…

How can you do this without coming to my house?

We are using a method of distance healing that allows us to connect to your home and your property, so we can assess the energy that is present there.

Do I have to own my home?

Not exactly, you have to have “energetic ownership” of the property, meaning, you have to own or rent the address in question. If you want to gift a clearing to someone, you must get their permission first. If you live in an apartment, we will clear the energy within your walls and set an energy boundary around it.

What about GHOSTS an things like that?

From time to time, we do encounter Earthbound Spirits, the clearing process generally asks them to move on and “find their destination”, but from time to time, one will remain because someone in the home is attached, such as a loved one or friend. 

Generally what is perceived as “evil” or “entities” are energy IMPRINTS, which can often seem as though they are sentient, when in fact, they are not, and are easily cleared. (Think of the energy dust cloud created by a teenager…)

What are some of the reasons to balance the energy in my home?

Energetic imbalances are created by many things, activity, inactivity, electronics, operating a business, emotions, you name it, it can have an impact on the energy within your home. Think of a time when you went to a sad occasion, the sadness dripped through the room like honey, right? How about a happy occasion? It’s like you can feel the excitement in the air, right? Well, you can! So, if you are experiencing things in your home like:

  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Electronic Interference
  • Short Tempers
  • Restlessness
  • Aimlessness

These are just some of the impact of an energy imbalance. We also read the Akashic history of the property, which can sometimes give us insight into further issues, and determine the “land assignment” (Sacred Ground, etc.) and we can reassign the property to “Homestead”.

Wait, "AKASHIC" what is that?

Basically, the Akashic Record is the energetic history of the property, it tells us if there are land assignments (battle ground etc.) creating issues, and helps us access the permanent clearing of such things. Remember, the land has been here for eons, this gives us an idea of the energy imprints on the land itself.

What about the PEOPLE in the house? Can you "see" what we are doing?

NO! We read the energy of the HOME and PROPERTY only. We do not read the energy of the people within. Those are energetic boundaries carried by both of us, we do not access the energy of anyone without permission. With that said, the people in the home are what generate the energetic imprints we find and clear, so it could seem like we’re reading the people. 

But HOW will I know it worked?

We hear this question when we work with people too! Not just homes! The answer is similar for both. You may feel “calmer” and more relaxed. You may notice that the energy in your home doesn’t feel as chaotic, or that your electronics have settled down.

It’s hard to say exactly, because everyone’s situation is unique. But, here are some of the things we’ve heard:

“Right after you said you finished, the kids sat down and did art projects for almost 2 hours. No arguing, just peace and quiet.”

“There were dogs in the house behind us that were barking every night at 2 or 3 am, and since the clearing, they’ve stopped!” (There was an Earthbound spirit outside the house.)

Almost finished with a consultation call with one client: “(whispers) Wow…EVERYONE in the house is quiet or asleep. I’m going to let you go now!” 3 kids, husband, dog. 


What else should I know?

We just love doing this work! We do these clearings for ourselves, and find them to be more effective, (and maybe less messy) than some traditional energy clearing methods. Any method you use to clear is important, but the difference here is that we are assessing the energy to help you discover the actions and circumstances that are creating the imbalances, so you have an opportunity to change things, IF YOU WANT TO. (Remember, it is ALWAYS your choice!)

Property Clearing

What is included in a clearing?

Once you schedule and pay, I will contact you to schedule a time for your consultation, where we will discuss the findings and go over the report with you. The clearing session itself is completed before the consultation, so it is possible that you may feel, or have a sense of the work taking place.

The session includes:

  • Our exclusive energetic property assessment
  • An Akashic reading of the property
  • A full report, via email, of the findings and results
  • The report will include a list of the energies present in the home that were cleared (generally emotions that create dissonance in the home)
  • ZOOM or phone chat where we deliver the results and offer tips and tricks to maintain the balance

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