…and so is everyone else, just to varying degrees. Some are more sensitive than others, by a little, or a lot..I was the latter. A LOT more sensitive!


I have always been able to reflect on my life, and see the turning points. I have been “sensitive” my whole life, sometimes able to know who was on the phone when it rang, or a “feeling” that I should or shouldn’t do something.
I can see clearly that the reason I became a “multi-level” cosmetics consultant was not so I would build a huge business, but to connect with someone that gave my husband an opportunity that changed our lives. When I was in the retail income tax business, a franchisee in one of the “big three” tax franchise organizations, I took the fact that the city my location was in made the single most effective marketing tool we used against city regulations personally. It turns out that they did me a huge favor! Because I was no longer able to sustain that business, my life took a completely different path.


When a medium told me, “You are a SPONGE for negative energy.”, which was the truth, and gave me no advice on what to do about it, rather than just taking the statement at face value, I decided that there had to be something I could do about it. There was! I have learned so much since then! We all have an energy field that surrounds us. As an empath, when our energy field overlaps with that of other people, it can make us uncomfortable and reactive. Here is the truth: If we gain control of our own energy field, we can limit the way our energy reacts to that of another.


I tried many things, including a “protective bubble”, which is very effective, but it felt like a “Band-aid” to me. If I forgot it, then I’d be right back where I started from. Crystals like Black Tourmaline, also effective, but if I left it at home, then what? I went to reading after reading, workshop after workshop, and I was learning, but I knew there had to be more. A way for it to come from within. Then I received advice from a reading, “Find a like minded family member.”. Hmmm. Well, shortly after that, I found out that my niece, Tamara Gold, had been studying body and energy work for 30 years! She is a Master Instructor in AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing and Meditation, and she convinced me to take the levels 1 through 3 AK classes she had coming up. So I did. Well. It changed my life! I discovered that the self-care in AK allowed me to gain control of my own energy, making me less reactive, more in balance, and set me on an entirely new path!
Now, I am an AUMAKHUA-KI® Certified Master Practitioner and Master Instructor, which gives me the ability to help others just like myself. I have developed a relationship with crystals and minerals, and have learned how their vibration and frequency have the power to create shifts in my energy, and the energy of others. Top that off with working in the Akashic Record, which gives me the ability to discover energetic patterns that have been created through choices, either in this life, or in the past, that may be keeping me out of alignment with my Divinity, and also the ability to discover these answers for others. 

Being an empath need not be uncomfortable or troubling, it can truly be a gift, when your energy is under control. No matter how you do it, whether through self-care and meditation, crystals, or energy work, it is a gift you will appreciate so much more when you are empowered to make it your own!

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