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Angie ZXUH

AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Master/Master Instructor, Reiki Master, HM Cert. Crystal Healer, Adv. Soul Realignment® Practitioner, Cert. Angel Tarot Reader, Cert. Angel Oracle. Phew. I think that covers it…but maybe not. Anyway…I am passionate about the study of energy, and how it impacts our day to day lives. I mean, if “everything is energy” (Tesla, Einstein, may, or may not, have said so.) then why wouldn’t gaining control and balancing our energy make our lives easier? I believe it does. Work with me, and you’ll see, a world of pure imagination…oops…I got myself caught up there for a moment. Work with me, and see if what I do works for you!

Along the way I…

…found a passion for meditation. A specific type, the journey. I have had a traditional meditation teacher tell me that my journeys were NOT meditation. That was when I knew I was on the right track!!! I have taken the idea of journey meditation and brought it to a place where you can get what you need from it, whether it is relaxation or answers. If you are looking to boost your intuition, or you are not feeling so successful with traditional mediation, perhaps you’d like to give my method a try! Click here to join my FREE Facebook Group: ADVENTURES IN MEDITATION

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