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I am pleased to announce my new collaboration: MPowered Serenity! Michael Meyer of MPowered Being and I have joined forces to create an exciting way for you to learn your own unique energy language. You can find us on

Facebook: MPowered Serenity

YouTube: MPowered Live 

Facebook Group: MPowered Serenity Insiders

Join us there to be “in the know”…we release all of our courses, events, and programs there! Thursday evening & Sunday morning we do a FREE distance energy session, and on Wednesday evening we do our super awesome talk show, MPowered Live. (Available on our FB page, YouTube, and as a podcast on anchor.fm.) We hope to see you there!



I’m Angie

I might be you. If you have trouble in crowds, can’t stand the grocery store when it’s full of people, or react strongly in overcharged, sad, or boisterous occasions, then yes, I am you. I am here to tell you that there is hope. Finding out how to life with balanced energy has changed my life! 

I love to work with people and watch them shift and change, whether you want to develop your intution, learn energy work, or focus solely on you, I can help!

Mediums, energy practitioners, empaths, we can cater a program or group of sessions that will work for you! Book a free no-obligation consultation now! I am so excited to meet you!

What I Do

Individual Energy Sessions

One on One: I work through assessment and balancing using a combination of the various energy work I do, based on your priorities for the results of the session. From relaxation to manifesting and alignment, each session is uniquely created just for you.

Oracle/Tarot Readings


I love the connection that using the Oracle or Tarot can bring to a session. It works best if you are working on something in particular, and we can customize and create a reading specifically for what you need. If you’re not sure, you can opt for the Webchat only 30 minute reading.

Property Clearing


Using my own unique combination of property clearing, I can do this service either by visiting your home, or via remote. I read the Akashic Record of your property, then using my own specially created assessment protocol, I assess and balance the energy in your home.



"I wasn't sure what to expect in advance, all I knew is that it would be good. Well, it was more than good by far! As we moved through the imbalances and blockages, I found myself laughing with pure joy as the heaviness fell away and the soothing serenity of love filled me. My session was beautifully interactive and I am already looking forward to the next one! Thank you Universe for bringing us together and for the gifts Angie has to share."


"One of the kindest women Ive come across. She helped me understand my worries, be more confident and most of all, feel a lot better!! She understands you and uses kindness, intelligence and empathy to help you on your path. Thank you Angie for being a light along the way."


"I thoroughly enjoy working with Angie and her ability to unqiuely tune into the needs of individuality. Her ability to do so is what makes her a powerful and amazing energy worker. Trustworthy, sincere, compassionate and all around fantastic."


Such a Gift! I've had the pleasure of working with Angie several times. Through the Soul Realignment process & oracle cards Angie was able to identify my guides, blocks and where they originated from. Being an intuitive myself I am aware of my guides and blocks, but without any knowledge about me Angie "nailed" them. She is the real deal whose soul sparkles from the inside out! Whether you are just beginning to understand your guides, have been communicating with them for years or just want to know what's blocking your from moving forward, Angie is able to use her skills as an intuitive to give you a clear and different perspective to help you do so. I highly recommend her!



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